Via this platform you can book your transfers in Rhodes Island anytime. In order for us to be most helpful, there are some things you should let us know beforehand so we can make sure your transfer is a safe and enjoyable experience, so please inform us whether there are some special needs of a passenger or your flight was delayed by any means you find comfortable (check our “contact us” tab of the website). If you are interested in organizing a tour, you can talk directly to one of our plan makers via viber,whatsapp or facebook messenger, or by simply sending us a message or email. All transfers in order to be confirmed must have a deposit made. The deposit is 20% of the end cost. No additional fees will be applied. The end-price is the one you see on the “booking” tab or the agreed fee for the tours. Our driver will wait for you for 15 minutes, if there is a delay in your flight, make sure you inform us so we can be there at your arrival. Any additional information you might need before your transfer we strongly encourage you to ask us and we will answer in a matter of minutes!