Interesting points in Rhodes.

Rhodes is one of the largest greek islands in the Aegean sea,It has many interesting points and offers easy transfer to most of the landmarks. Some have historical significance. From the crusades to the World War Two, Dodecanese islands became a part of Greece in 7th March 1948.

Old Town

Currently only 6,000 people live in the Old Town of Rhodes. The town has seven entrances (Gates). The Old town castle endured a long siege. Due to the siege the knights along with 5,000 christians left the island, not wanting to live under the Sultan’s orders. Old town’s tales arenot only being told by the museums located within, but also with its beautiful streets which are always a pleasure to roam through. Apart from the “magic” the old town offers due to its history, you can find some traditional little shops within along with some nightclubs. Transfer to Old Town is possible on the booking tab!

One of the iconic streets in old town.


Lindos is a fishing village in Rhodes. A traditional greek fishing village with a beautiful sand beach. Withing you can find the Acropolis of Lindos, a natural citadel. Fortified by the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Knights of St John and last by the Ottomans. The view from the acropolis is astonishing and the sunset from the top is truly an astonishing experience. In lindos you can find some traditional taverns where you can transfer easily from and to them.

A view of the Acropolis and Lindos village

Kallithea Springs

Kallithea springs are known for their beneficial action to mind and body. The combination of nature, architectural interest and history is transfering you to a universe made in the movies! Nowadays the springs are a landmarks of great meaning.Its location and beauty offers itself for a great artistic expression.
From the main entrance you will find yourself to a circular fountain. Then you will wander around the monument and last at the beach inside it. A great date of relaxation and calmness.

Circular fountain


If your summer vacation means beaches, activites and nightlife then faliraki is the place to be. From the calm family beaches and taverns to more party-like beach bars and and nightclubs. The beach has a length of 4km. You can find easily water sport activities (from water skiing to kanoe), beach bars and reastaurants. If you are looking for a variety then faliraki is the most suitable place. Karaoke, british and irish pubs, sport bars and disco. You may find some low tone bars but faliraki is known for its loudness so beware!


Kameiros is an ancient town in the island of rhodes. is one the three ancient towns along with Ialisos and Lindos. The town is divided into 3 levels. The first (top) level is the acropolis. It has a water tank that can hold 600m^3 water and is enough for 400 families. It was build in the 6th century B.C.
The second level is the main living area of the people. And the third level has a Dorian temple,probably of Pithius Apollon. Every bit has easy access and you can experience all the tales the town has to offer.

part of the ancient town


Prasonisi is a geological formation that looks like an ilsand. During the summer, Prasonisi is connected with Rhodes with a narrow line of sand, with a length of 500m. A really odd characteristic of prasonisi is that when the Aegean sea is calm, prasonisi has menacing winds. As a result when prasonisi is calm, the Aegean has fierce winds. Prasonisi is great for Surfers who seek a thrill, with a spectacular sand beach.

prasonisi connection with rhodes

Βutterfly valley

A unique natural landmark. A beautiful forest that houses the Oriental Sweetgum tree (liquidambar orientalis) and a resting point for the Jersey tiger (Panaxia Quadripunctaria), a nocturnal moth. The valley is there for you to have a relaxing walk with nothing but greek trees and butterflies around you. Huge numbers of beautiful butterflies rest on their final days on earth. The moths can’t eat so they rest to preserve energy. You can experience in person the beauty of a camouflaged moth in black and yellow or in flight with red wings.In addition If you sit still a butterfly just might land in your hand and pose for a photo.

tree with butterfly.

City Centre

The city centre is there to please your every need. From restaurants to bars, and from shops to beach bars. Experience Rhodes as its supposed to be, as a centre of culture. An island where many cultures have thrived and left their mark. All there for you to witness. Italian style buildings, greek villages and the knights castle. Relax in a cafe or party in a nightclub, visit the landmarks at the same time just roam around the island carefree.In other words Rhodes is an island for every taste! Your transfer needs are taken care of by us! You can contact us via Viber, whatsapp, Email and facebook page : Experience Rhodes Transfer Service


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