This time we will try to briefly cover the story of Lindos, its ups and downs and give you an idea on what to expect. From the acropolis to the modern day tavernas, we will try to guide you through the narrow streets of this magnificient village. Let’s dive in!

A brief history…

According to the tradition, Danaos and his 50 daughters founded the temple of Athena on top of the Acropolis. They fled to Rhodes to get away from the jealousy of godess Hera. You can reach the Acropolis via the same path that was used in ancient times! Visitors are greeted by a ship carved in stone which resembles the naval strength of the rhodians! Pithocritos is the artist that is responsible for the ship. To conclude the acropolis of Lindos is known thoughout the ages and people praise it since the Hellenistic period and through to roman,christian and knight periods.

The village

Apart from the acropolis, Lindos has a very beautiful traditional village of special architecture and a breathtaking scenery.In addition It’s notable that the small beach of St. Paul is labeled as one of the 10 best beaches of Europe.

Modern Day

Nowadays, Lindos is a very beloved destination for many people. Many visitors visit every year, some have been visiting since 1987! The village during the season is filled with people enjoying the greek sun, the sandy beach and the traditional white and blue houses. During the night you can enjoy some fine dining in one of Lindos rooftops, or a drink in one of the bars in Lindos.

Acropolis of Lindos

The acropolis is only open during the day. It requires a mini-hike to get to the top. The view there is worth the trouble as you can fully be immersed in the magical atmosphere such a historic site offers. Therefore don’t be discouraged by the sun or the long walk, as the scenery will reward you greatly.

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