The story of ancient Kameiros
Preserved Ruins

Kameiros was one of the three ancient cities in Rhodes and reached its economic peak at 6th and 5th century B.V. , due to its very developed farmer economy.

Archeologists discovered he ruins of the city and its nearby necropolis in 1859 in an area full of vegetation. The glorious buildings like the Agora, the temples, the residences and the Acropolis that is on top of the hill, are a show of the architectural growth and the wealth of Ancient Kameiros.

Kameiros started to decay, after 408 B.C, when the town of Rhodes was built but still had residents until the age of emperor Ioustinianos. Here some great poets were born like Peisandros and Anaksandridis. Its a highly signifigant ancient site, as the ancient residence is being preserved in near mint condition.

Furthermore some ruins of the quad and the nearby temple of Athena Kameiras can be found in the Ancient Kameiros. The drainage system of the city and a big atank of water were rescued. Kameiros was built in escalation.

The house belong to the post hellenic and roman era. In addition some finds of signifigance are being find in the British Museum and the Louvre, however the least amount are at the Archeological Museum of Rhodes.



On the top of the hill lies the Acropolis, here we can find the temple of Athena Kameiras and the quad. The tank of water can hold up to 600 m^3 water, enough for four hundred families. It was built in the 6th century B.C.. Later, the people built the quad on top of the “bank”. The quad was bult with 2 dorian collumns.

Middle Level

The main civilization was mostly on the middle level, that comprises by a series of parallel rhodes and groups of houses

Lower Level

In the lower level lies a dorian temple, probably of Pithios Apollo.In addition there lies the Krhnh, with the Agora in front of it, and the perivolos with the altars that were oblated to various entities.

Hellenistic Stoa.

This consisted of two rows of Doric columns and shops or lodgings at the rear for the worshippers. The columns at the front supported an architrave with metopes, triglyphs and a cornice (3rd-2nd c. BC). There was an impressive water supply system under the floor with wells (with covers, according to an inscription), subterranean tanks and terra-cotta water pipes, which replaced the earlier reservoir.

Peribolos of the Altars

On the northeast side of the third terrace along the retaining wall inscribed altars were erected, on two levels, dedicated to different deities (Agathos Daemon, Artemis, Zeus, Poseidon and others). There are remains of a large oblong altar dedicated to Helios on the first level



lower level of ancient Kameiros

lower level of ancient Kameiros

some signs

some signs




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